On my days off you will probably find me dressed like this. What’s up with the hat? It is my hiking hat, the one I wear while exploring new trails, preferably in the mountains of western North Carolina. I also wear it on the golf course as I hike to find my golf ball.

This photo is a visual reminder of the journey I’m on with Here I AM. God has led me into this adventure in two main ways: Bible Study and prayer.

A couple of years ago I reconnected with a men’s Bible study group through Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). BSF is an in-depth, interdenominational Bible study that uses a four-fold approach to help people explore the Word of God. Diving deeper into Scripture helped me refocus on who God says He is.

Shortly after that our church held a conference where the visiting pastor encouraged us to practice creativity in sharing the gospel. Following the teaching session I was praying with a lady at our church who had never met me. After a few minutes she said, “I have this sense from God that there is something you put on the shelf several years ago and He wants you to take it off the shelf.” I knew immediately what the “something” was, but I did not get a chance to tell her. I prayed a lot about it on my own over the next few months.

Later I set up a meeting with that lady from our church to pray more about the “something.” At the end of our prayer time I opened my eyes and I was staring at a framed calligraphy print on the wall. It had been there the whole time, but I had not noticed it. Across the top of the print, in big and bold letters, were the words I AM. Underneath were several “I Am” passages from the Bible.

That’s when I knew God was confirming the idea He gave me five years earlier, the “something” He wanted me to take off the shelf. The idea was to put God’s name – I AM – on display for the world to see.

God has continued using His Word and prayer to show me each step along the journey. The ministry name Here I AM was inspired by specific Bible verses: Revelation 3:20, Psalm 46:10, and Exodus 3:14-15. Our mission is to continue offering simple reminders from Scripture of God’s name and presence.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers as we continue this journey. I am excited to see where God leads us next.

Don Kelly, Founder

Don spoke about Here I Am on The Light FM's Community Spotlight. You can listen to it here.